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How I got interested in Reiki

I have always had a somewhat superficial interest in energy healing and an acceptance of the idea that energy and how it flows can affect us.  

My interest became much more focused when I acquired a horse that was so tense and stiff that she moved like a puppet.  A friend of mine who does myofascial release therapy for horses worked on her and later asked me if she could do some energy work also.  The results were astounding and the horse's reactions were fascinating to watch.  She began to bend and stretch her own body and relaxed for the first time since I had owned her.

I sought out some Reiki treatments for myself and was amazed at the results.  I also experienced the reality that the energy does its own job and is not 'controlled.'  I was looking for relief from lower back pain.  Instead of instant relief from the pain, I got good overnight sleep for the first time in years.  The back pain, apparently caused by fatigue, went away after a few nights of sleep.

I began to study Reiki at that time and I have been fascinated by the practice and the results ever since them.  I especially like working with animals because their reactions are so unfiltered.