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Would you like to experience Reiki?

Reiki can have profound effects on animals and people.  
It can aid the body in healing injury and illness.  
It can promote a feeling of well being and relaxation.
It can calm anxiety and nervousness.
It can break the cycle of chronic problems. 

Reiki for animals can be performed either from a distance or hands-on.  
Many small animals are either over stimulated or somewhat fearful of human touch, but I find that most horses benefit from the hands-on approach.   Horses are especially sensitive to energies of all sorts and not dependent on the approval of humans to display their reactions.  They will often react with surprise when they first feel the energy, then relax deeply for a while, then simply shake themselves and walk away when they have had enough.  Healing is often obvious and dramatic. 


I charge $40/session of approximately half an hour.  No travel fee.